What comes between YOU and HEALing?

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What comes between YOU and HEALing?

And, the answer is…


I find this 100% true for me.

The answer is to…
BE Disciplined.

To decide what YOU want to HEAL.

Then, understand YOU have to BE disciplined to get it.

Figure out what YOU are or are NOT willing to DO to BE restored to wholeness and BE HEALed.

The more desperate you are, the more difficult it can BE to HEAL.

BE vigilant, on a daily basis.

Sporadic actions, missed actions, and anxiety prevent US from HEALing and GROWing.

When you regularly DO what it takes to HEAL…
Simple, routine tasks and actions…
You will create and produce the outcomes (and HEALing) over the long run.

When you decide you are ready…

Go for it!
Enjoy the Rewards!
And, the Journey!

Peace, Amazing MommA

P.S. Use what YOU can, Leave the rest!

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