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We want to teach our children to stand up and speak up for themselves…YET, we are not ‘fighters’, we are ‘lovers’. We need more’peace’, NOT ‘fight’……..


We come from a place of ‘courage, compassion, and forgiveness’ when we SPEAK and ACT, NOT ‘anger, shame, or retaliation’. It is better to silence ourselves when we are coming from ‘anger, shame, or retaliation’ because it does more harm than good……


NOW, with that said…the temptations creep in and we may find ourselves at times reacting instead of acting and speaking with ‘courage, compassion, and forgiveness’……


And, did you know that the color RED has nothing to DO with why the bull charges, it is the motion of the flag! Think about why us humans charge at other humans?!


Blessings this new day, Family of Peace

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