#Meditation can Decrease Inflammation

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#Meditation can decrease inflammation at the Cellular Level.

Meditation helps us understand what causes the red inflamed thinking that creates inflammation.
Then we can learn to change our thoughts and behaviors to healthier ones.



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I am not crazy about taking photos like this, yet the girls said time to have a progress picture… here it is!

Many bumps, hurdles, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and more during these 6 months!

Effort, discipline, change, choices, and so much more!

Yoga, meditation, walks, foods, water, sleep, laughter, and more!

No pills, special drinks, protein supplements, etc.

The kids and I have only take Wellness when run down a bit. No over the counter, prescription, supplements.

Will see what the next step will be!


To Our Children

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To Our Children…

Always remember…

To take a walk each day,
20 Minutes minimum,
Without any technology,
Smell the flowers when blooming,
Catch the leaves when autumn,
Eat snowflakes when winter,
Appreciate when brown becomes green, and
Back to brown!

20 Minutes minimum a day,
Without any technology.

Love, MommA


Thank You

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Thank You for helping me not to over think.
Thank You for helping me to focus.
Thank You for my mind staying away from things that do not help me.
Thank You for helping me to think positively.
Thank You and so it’s done.