10 Minutes Of Meditation or Technology?

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Watch Learn & Live: Kyphosis

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Learn & Live: Kyphosis (Hunchback)

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Listen to & Enjoy our impromptu video about Everyday Life!

What do you do for your posture?

What are YOU going to DO differently?


To My Yogi Friends in the World

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To My Yogi Friends in the World.

With tears in my eyes, I have experienced getting tighter over the last two years.

And now within the last SIX days…for a miracle…my muscles are relaxing, stretching again! Absolutely amazing!

Yet, the miracle is due to CHANGES I have made with what I put IN my MIND and BODY.

YES, both matters!

To all My Yogi Friends, KNOW that if you have lost flexibility, you can have it again! As I am fortunate to have this journey! One of those things, you do not appreciate as much as you can until you no longer have it!

I love you all,

And know that you can have it too!!!!

Blessings to you!!!!