I Give Thanks

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I Give Thanks.

I give thanks for…

my faith, health, family, friends, and so much more.

I have been tighter than usual while doing yoga for awhile now. And, starting yesterday, I am starting to experience stretching, a little bit, as I used to.

Sometimes we think we will not experience the joy or freedom we had, yet the key is to keep digging deeper until you get at the ’causes’.

It brings tears to my eyes knowing the limitations I have felt for quite sometime. Now that I am experiencing a bit of freedom, here and there, for the last few days, I am opening my mind to feeling the greatness of flexibility and strength again!

I have a ways to go, yet I am excited to see what each new day brings!


#Meditation can Decrease Inflammation

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#Meditation can decrease inflammation at the Cellular Level.

Meditation helps us understand what causes the red inflamed thinking that creates inflammation.
Then we can learn to change our thoughts and behaviors to healthier ones.



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#Meditation improves cognitive skills and creative thinking.



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Do YOU remember when YOU were a child and needed to ‘speak the truth’?

Do YOU remember how YOU felt?

I do!

Tonight Isaiah had something to ‘speak the truth’ about, and
The tears rolled one by one down his precious face.
He felt sad, mad, so many feelings!

I explained that communicating is the BEST way.

I had him CLOSE his eyes, and
BREATHE,…, and
Reminded him of #Meditation.

We, as a #Family, DO MEDitation every morning for 10 minutes.
I softly and quietly sang ‘Om’ to him.

He calmed and explained the situation.
He felt so much better!
He cleared his energy!

MEDitation is so very incredible…
May YOU ‘Experience the Difference ‘!

Peace, MommA

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