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September 2017


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I am not crazy about taking photos like this, yet the girls said time to have a progress picture… here it is!

Many bumps, hurdles, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and more during these 6 months!

Effort, discipline, change, choices, and so much more!

Yoga, meditation, walks, foods, water, sleep, laughter, and more!

No pills, special drinks, protein supplements, etc.

The kids and I have only take Wellness when run down a bit. No over the counter, prescription, supplements.

Will see what the next step will be!


It is Easier to Train Cubs than Tame Lions

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“It is easier to train cubs than to tame lions.” – Will Bowen

Can an old dog LEARN new tricks?
Yes, yet only if They ‘WANT’ to!

I think about ALL the ‘time and energy’ I have
Spent training cubs and ‘trying’ to tame lions!

I think about the ‘problems’ I have ignored over the years,
Yep, and they grow into ‘devouring’ lion problems.

“The longer you ignore an issue, the larger it grows.” – Will Bowen

Situations with my kids, hubby, and family that
I thought would work themselves out…
Yep, silly me… I knew better, yet I chose to see
If it would resolve itself, NOPE!

So, I AM opening the doors to the cages that
I carry with me, and
With the guidance of God, I AM going to deal with them.

Some relationships will Grow and Evolve,
Some may End.

I AM sorry for any of My Choices that hurt anyone.
ALL I can DO is CHANGE myself for the better!

Peace, Amazing Ame

KNOWing and DOing are Two Different Things

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KNOWing and DOing are Two Different Things

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“KNOWing and DOing are two different things.” Okay, so you “KNOW” it is BEST for you to Exercise, Yet, you “DO” differently! You “KNOW” it is BEST for you to get good sleep, Yet, you “DO” differently! You “KNOW” It is BEST for you to slow down and change From the inside out so you ENJOY your LIFE more, Yet, YOU “DO” differently! See the pattern? Yep, any of US can “KNOW” what we NEED to DO, Yet, taking the next step is key… To “DO”! You got this! Peace, Amazing MommA #EverydayFamilyLife