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October 2016

How To Cover ALL the Bases When Letting Go

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TRY this…Allow yourself to RELAX down, take 10 deep breaths, INHALE through the nose, EXHALE through the mouth, picture your muscles RELAXing down away from the bones, pay attention to any body parts speaking to YOU…

Let us AFFIRM the following repeatedly (can TAP doing these)…

“I FORGIVE myself and all! I RELEASE myself and all! I APPROVE of myself and all! I LOVE myself and all!”

Let us send LOVE and LIGHT to ourselves and the World this evening we are blessed with!

Peace, Happy Sleeping, Amazing Amy

On This Sunday Evening, Let Us Relax…

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TRY this…Allow yourself to find a quiet location, even for five minutes…Let us THANK our legs, front of our BODY, arms and hands, back of our BODY,  neck, head.

Allow ALL muscles to RELAX down away from the bones.

Repeat (and you can TAP if you like)…

“I THINK it to HEAL it! I FEEL it to HEAL it! I RELEASE it to HEAL it! I SPEAK it to HEAL it! I DO it to HEAL it!”

FEEL any EMOTIONS that arise and let them be RELEASED from your BODY!

Have a beautiful night’s sleep!

I love you, Amazing Amy

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It Can BE Very Hard to Relax! Let Us TRY It…

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 Let yourself lie down in a comfortable position in a quiet spot…before closing your eyes, read this and place it in your heart:

“I FORGIVE myself,

I APPROVE of myself, 

I  LOVE myself!”

Repeat this for at least 1-5 minutes. Any feelings and thoughts that arise allow them to go through and back to their nothingness.

I love you, Amazing Amy